Feeling Lucky? Try Out Some of These New Words for March.

Creeping – whether you call it low-buzz stalking, cyberstalking or the unsettling new term “creeping,” this is the habit of people who crawl around the edges of their former significant other’s life just a bit too much on Facebook.

“Dead Air” Calls — Some telemarketers place many calls at once guessing how many people will answer the phone; if more people answer than there are operators, the result on the receiver’s end is often the silence of a delayed response, hence the name “dead air calls.”  New rules by the FCC now restrict such calls.

Social Seating – New airline programs like KLM’s “meet and seat” or Malaysia Airlines “MHBuddy” invite passengers to share their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles to fellow passengers to choose your seat mate.  Access for some programs is via Facebook, making Facebook even more of a destination site for business and social.

Online Disinhibition Effect – Why you can be on the receiving end of some harsh criticism when it’s online, even via the so-called intimate environment of a social network, but you’ll not receive the same direct information face-to-face or via telephone.  Previously, the thinking was that the anonymity or distance of the online world would encourage dishonesty, but the reverse is today’s reality.  Watch for inhibitions to disappear and to be surprised by the candor of comments and criticisms from your friends and followers.