The Ultimate Start-Up Guide













If you’re thinking about
creating a startup, joining
a startup, or just trying to
figure out what the big deal
about startups is, you’ve
come to the right place.


The Ultimate Startup Guide is unlike any other business or technology you’ve read. Why? Three reasons, actually:


  1. It’s based on the experiences the aworked—with over 50 companies—47 startups (so far) and 10 pivots/restarts.
  2. Virtually every founder/CEO that Crowded Ocean worked with agreed to participate in the book, sharing advice, real-world war stories, and lessons learned.
  3. Over 20 Venture Capitalists participated in the project as well, working with Tom and Carol to break down the ‘startup process’ into distinctive stages, then offering advice and insights for each stage. This is the first book where this many high-powered VC not only shared their own experiences and perspectives but commented on each other’s advice as well.



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Authors Carol Broadbent & Tom Hogan

“So what? Who cares? These are just a few of the magical phrases used by Crowded Ocean to challenge the valley's technical founders into sharpening their value proposition into a unique and compelling cocktail.”

Jim Goetz

“Tom Hogan and Carol Broadbent understand the difficult truth: most startups fail. They also understand what it takes to succeed. This book imparts 25 years of insights, ideas from the top minds in VC, and war stories from CEOs that give any entrepreneur an edge.”

Maynard Webb
chairman of the board of Yahoo, the former COO of eBay, and founder of the Webb Investment Network

“I wish I’d written this instead of Moby Dick.”

Herman Melville

“Huh. This turned out better than I expected.”

Peggy Hogan
Tom’s mother