What’s Your Story?

Tell your story. It’s advice we give every startup that we work with. But what’s the best vehicle to do your storytelling? Often it’s not print (though you should always have your story on your website), it’s actually video.

In the age of Youtube, user-generated content, and apparently rampant ADHD, video content is a great way to connect with your audience who simply have too many choices and distractions today. Video can keep audiences on your site longer and really boost your SEO. Video drives conversions. But here’s the catch:

It has to be good video.

To which you’ll add: “and it’s got to be cheap.” (Let’s address that in a moment.)

First– good video, like all good content, has to be valued, reputable and optimized for mobile, search, social and sharing. And the Holy Grail: it needs to have the capacity to go viral. But the most important thing for good video is that it tells a story.
A great story requires an experienced writer/storyteller. Our advice to startups who want to develop good video is to invest in an experienced producer whose process starts with nailing down the script. Your script needs to crystallize your key message/takeaway for your audience and the call-to-action that will drive conversions. Focusing on your script is where you begin.

Second– there is a lot of online chatter and there are a lot of lists out there about which low-cost tool is the best for creating video for startups. Is that Brainshark? Stupeflix?  What about one of the animation tools like Goanimate? In fact, here is an amazing list of 100 TV and Video Tools from Dailytekk.

Our take is that you want to focus your attention and budget on an experienced video producer/writer and let them drive the choice of video production tool.  Content first, tool second.  That’s the best approach to creating great video content that will help drive conversions and sales.