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Posted On June 7th, 2016 by Crowded Ocean

The Two Sides of Writing: for Content Marketing

A good friend of Crowded Ocean, Anne Janzer, just shared with us an early copy of her book, The Writer’s Process. It has wonderful merit for all writers, but the reason we promote it here, to our startup marketing audience, is that she has some very sound advice that can be applied across all forms of Content: web copy, white papers, contributed articles, speeches and more.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 8.06.05 AMAnne does a great job of addressing the complexities and barriers that go into writing. Most of us have faced the fear of the blank page (or blank screen) and frozen. Anne takes a look at the different personalities of a writer (The Muse and The Scribe), the balance of creativity and discipline, as well as the tools for unlocking a blocked mind.

As many of you know, Crowded Ocean is writing our own book: The Ultimate Startup Guide, and in the process both Carol and Tom have come up against the barriers—psychological, work-space oriented, etc.—that Anne discussed in her book. Reading her book has made writing our own substantially easier—which is probably the highest praise we can give The Writer’s Process.

The book is due out later in this year. Check out Anne’s books here.