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Posted On June 20th, 2017 by Crowded Ocean

The Overlooked Startup ‘Office Manager’

One of the staples of news coverage of the early days of Silicon Valley was the story of the original ‘office manager’ at ________ (Name your hot startup) who got stock options along with every other early employee and, years later, was able to retire early and wealthy when the company went public.

In the early days of Silicon Valley, this Office Manager was typically a woman who served a vital role as a “jackie of all trades” keeping the place running, operationally, culturally and psychologically. She was an intrinsic part of the company culture and the resulting success and deserved every share (and resulting dollar) that came her way.

Over the past two decades the importance and visibility of the Office Manager has waned, in some cases considerably. While the position is now gender-neutral, it’s also junior in nature, often given to a first-time employee with promise. That person then graduates to a position such as Sales Operations or Marketing Coordinator (usually focusing on events) and is off and running with his/her career.

Yes, a Chief Culture Officer

But we counsel our startup CEOs to take the position seriously and to hire someone who is not only comfortable staying in that position but who can leverage their experience across the company to “own” and nurture the company culture. We believe that in this new era, the Office Manager is so important that they should become the company’s ‘Chief Culture Officer’, someone who not only helps the founding team develop the company—its brand, values, talent and culture—but can speak truth to power when the company goes off-track in any of these areas.

So, as you build your company, determine the importance of the role of the Office Manager and hire accordingly.